the Self-Proclaimed, most defining statement of his 40+ year career.

Recently Tom announced his largest print production ever, featuring the widely-acclaimed work, 
"The Greatest Nation," with online ordering & nationwide distribution available shortly. 


prints of "The Greatest Nation" ARE available for purchase TODAY. More info.

These paintings are black & white - and even more relevant to every American today now than the day I finished painting them. 

The Greatest Nation, 2020, 3' x 4,' oil on panel & prints available. Learn more.

If 2020 taught us anything, it made us believe more firmly in the things we have faith in. For me, that was not difficult. What has been difficult in times prior, is painting more of the things I believe need to be on canvas. In the months before now, I have prepared to do just that in the new year," says Tom.  LEARN MORE.

Cable News, 2016, 4' x 4,4 oil on canvas, original available.

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