Completed earlier this year as a response to everything happening in the United States of America, Tom was called to create a piece so compelling it may just be the most defining statement of his career to date. A silent soldier dating back to the Civil War and located in Stone Mountain State Park a tranquil wilderness that has provided Tom with more subject matter than any other single location in his more than 40 year career. 

The striking work is significant in several ways: It will be available in two different print sizes to order online via credit/debit card. It is Tom's first print release in more than ten years. And it will be Tom's largest print release to date.

'Based on the response I've received from several different places, I firmly believe "The Greatest Nation" makes nearly every American pause and reflect in the state we're in, and what we can do to make things bettert for ourselves, our neighbors, and our country," said Tom. 

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The Greatest Nation, 2020, 3' x 4', oil on canvas


The Blue Ridge Mountains in the southwest highlands of the Old Dominion state were and still are a place of lush wilderness, rolling landscapes with wildlife and a place where one can still feel sunshine and freedom.

i1911, the breathtaking Sydna Allen house was built here, which now sits recently restored at the top of Fancy Gap Mountain and near acces to the calming Blue Ridge Parkway, which saw record attendance numbers as Americans sought to reclaim the outdoors safely. Click images to magnify and click titles to send an inquiry - these won't last much longer!


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