The Greatest Nation

     2020, 4’ x 3,’ oil on panel

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Considered his most defining statement as an artist to date, Tom Acosta’s latest work “The Greatest Nation,” encompasses his nearly 40 years of professional painting experience and his nearly two decades painting scenes at his most frequented painting location, Stone Mountain State Park in NC.

Tom's Statement For
The Greatest Nation

“This silent soldier dates back to the 1850’s — when the family that lived in this proud new home could remember their second and third generation ancestors who helped win the American Revolutionary War. The decade to follow literally tore the country apart during the American Civil War, but by the grace of God, Americans were fortunate to find a path to back to solidarity, and I imagine they lived and thrived much as my own ancestors did during the Industrial Revolution —  by the progress made each long day with their own two hands and being grateful for every blessing brought by the Father. 


By January 1, 2020, I believe many Americans had forgotten or drifted too far from these most universal American values, and instead, many became prone to foreign threats. We as a nation were vastly unprepared and unexpecting of so many unfathomable and unique challenges that the year would bring. However, one of the things that makes America The Greatest Nation is our unwavering spirit of endurance, even when we have suffered unimaginable wounds in times of unthinkable fear. While the headlines of each day become yesterday’s old news, the things that ultimately  keep us grounded in our hearts and in our Constitution are layers upon layers of time-tested, rock solid beliefs and values that have been emulated by other parts of the free world over the years and proven to the entire planet why the United States of America was, is, and always will be, “THE GREATEST NATION.” 


Completed in 2020 as a response to everything happening in the United States of America, Tom was called to create a piece so compelling it may just be the most defining statement of his career to date. A silent soldier dating back to the Civil War and located in Stone Mountain State Park a tranquil wilderness that has provided Tom with more subject matter than any other single location in his more than 40 year career. 

The striking work is significant in several ways: It will be available in two different print sizes to order online via credit/debit card. It is Tom's first print release in more than ten years. And it will be Tom's largest print release to date.

'Based on the response I've received from several different places, I firmly believe "The Greatest Nation" makes nearly every American pause and reflect in the state we're in, and what we can do to make things better for ourselves, our neighbors, and our country," said Tom.

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The Greatest Nation

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